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Hand printed lino cut owl design.
Cut out your owl using a sharp knife, ruler and cutting mat.
Be careful with sharp blades!



Take your owl and fold in half vertically & horizontally

Fold along both diagonals with the image on the inside.

With the image on the outside, fold along the diagonal, with wing pointing down and fold in the two points.

With the wing pointing down, fold down along horizontal line
and unfold.

Fold in triangular flaps.
Turn over and repeat. Now unfold them.
Open the uppermost flap of the model, bringing it upwards and pressing the sides of the model inwards at the same time. Flatten down, creasing well. Repeat on other side.

Bring down wings.
Fold in top corners for the eyes and repeat on the other side.
On the back make diagonal cuts, top layer only!
These are for the ears.

On the front. Make a vertical cut (about 3cm). Again top layer only.
These are for the feet.
This is a little tricky. Twist up the wings to the desired angle.
Fold down the whole top pointy end. The ears should pop up.
Fold beak as desired.

Fold out the feet and to help him stand fold a crease in the tail.
Design by Rachael Kidd

Having trouble following our instructions? Visit > http://www.origami-fun.com/origami-owl.html

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