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George Shaw


A Midland Education (signed)

Price (UK) : £11
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Price (rest of the world): £16
Status: Available


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George Shaw - A Midland Education, 2015

As part of my exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry in 2011, I put together a room of the art I made before I went to art school. My studio for those years between 1977 and 1985 was the bedroom I shared with my brother, John. In that room and from the easrliest of memories I was sure in my belief that I was an artist. What an artist was and what an artist did grew from looking at books from the local library, from TV programmes and from lessons at school. But mostly it came from just working. This collection of paintings and drawings reads like a secret diary and it has all the joys, tears and embarrassments that only the most honest diaries possess. This book is a souvenir of that exhibition and something amounting to evidence of how those hidden years of my adolescence were somehow unspent...

George Shaw

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