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Cut out your frog using a sharp knife, ruler and cutting mat.
Be careful with sharp blades!
You'll have noticed that this design is half of the usual square starting point.


At this stage (if desired) you can make cuts for the eyes and tongue.


With the design face down, fold in half, then unfold.

Fold the text panel up to the halfway crease you just made..

Repeat with the head section...

... and unfold.

Fold head section along both the diagonals.
You'll now have three creases. Fold down the top along the pink crease and push in at the diagonals...


Fold over one front leg section to reveal a Hole Editions logo.
Fold along the logo triangle and text panel.

Unfold the leg section and repeat with the other leg...
You should now have an arrow shape.
Fold up the front feet.
For the back legs, make creases as indicated by the yellow lines.
This is a tricky step. Open the bottom to reveal the text, while pushing up towards the middle....

...and creasing along the two diagonals.
Fold down both back legs.
Then fold out the feet.
Fold your frog along it's middle and then fold the lower back in two to create a zig zag...

...this is a spring to make your frog jump.
Curl the tongue and pop up the eyes.

Completed frogs with and without cut eyes and tongue.
Design by Rachael Kidd

Status: Pre-order, available at the end of May 2013
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