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Take your hand printed lino cut dino design and cut out
using a sharp knife, ruler and cutting mat.
Be careful with sharp blades!


Fold along both diagonals with the image on the inside.


Now fold in half vertically & horizontally with the image
on the outside.


You should now be able to bring together points
A & B and C & D to hide the whiter areas.


Next you will be making folds along the diagonals

First - bring in each edge to the centre. Two on each side.
You should now have a kite shape.

Bring down the top point.

Open all those folds back out. Taking the top most layer
from point A ...

... unfold ...

... and use the diagonal creases you made earlier.
Do this on both sides to give you...
...this. Now bring the top layer at point A down to
meet point B.

Then fold to make points C & D meet, to give you...

...this. Then unfold.with the spine face up.
The next step is tricky.
Take the head, point A and fold down towards point B. The lower edge should meet the two horizontal cuts. Crease at C.
Unfold and repeat to the opposite side.
The unfold again.

Now - while folding back along the spine also pull back on the
head along the creases you made C.

Crease in the diagonal at the head to allow the
reverse fold to reveal the head.
Preform a similar crease and reverse fold for the nose.

Reverse fold down the front legs

Before folding down the back legs along the line. You
may want to apply a spot of glue or double sided tape at X

This will help your dino to stand up.
Now fold in the feet. Aim for the bottom of the feet to be parallel
to the belly and at right angles to the back of the front legs.

A spot of tape to hold the back together will help your dino stand.
Design by Rachael Kidd

Price: £5
Status: Pre-order

Having trouble following our instructions? Visit You Tube for videos > DIno 1 or Dino 2

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