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Hand print crane on a direct lithography press.
Cut out your crane using the crop marks. Do not cut all the way, start inside the edge, finish inside the edge.
Be careful with sharp blades!


You should be left with two pieces.


Take your crane and fold in half vertically & horizontally

Fold along both diagonals with the image on the inside.

Now fold in half along the diagonal with the image on the outside and push in the head and tail..
With the wing pointing down, fold each side into the centre.
Turn over and repeat.
Fold each of these flaps in on themselves as you did with the head and tail earlier.
Almost there.
Grab the tail and pull it up.
Repeat with the head.
Fold down the beak.
Bring up wings and fold to preferred wing angle.
Pinch at neck and gently pull the tail.
Now your crane is flying!.

Design by Rachael Kidd

For animated instructions visit > http://www.origami.org.uk/flapper.htm

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