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Alfons Bytautas RSA DA (Edin)


b. 1955, Selkirk, Scotland

Whilst studying painting at Edinburgh College of Art, Alfons was introduced to the technique of etching, marking the start of a life-long involvement with the technique and printmaking in general.

Shortly after joining Edinburgh Printmakers as an artist member in the 1970’s, he served on their Board of Directors for a short period but subsequently joined the technical staff as Senior Etching Technician.

In 1983 he studied in Paris at the celebrated printmaking studio, Atelier 17 – the studio of S.W. Hayter.

In 1994 he was elected an Associate Member of the Royal Scottish Academy, becoming an Academician in 2006.

After working for Edinburgh Printmakers for 30 years, he left in 2009 to take up the post of Senior Demonstrator/Technician in Fine Art Print at Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne.

As a printmaker, Alfons Bytautas has contributed greatly to research pioneered at Edinburgh Printmakers to develop etching techniques that virtually eliminate the use of hazardous substances. He has directed numerous workshops, demonstrating these methods, throughout the UK and in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain & Japan.

As well as being an accomplished artist in his own right, he is also a master-printer and has worked with many of Scotland’s most prestigious artists such as Alan Davie, Callum Innes, John Bellany, Barbara Rae and Peter Howson.

Alfons is currently Principal Technician (Arts) at Northumbria University.

For many years, Alfons’ work was figurative, he now explores an area somewhere between abstraction and figuration. His recent series of works are abstracted portrait heads, exploring themes of identity & perception of the other/self.

Works available from > Sutton Gallery | Gallery Ten (Edin) | Edinburgh Printmakers

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  Alfons Bytautas - In the Mood
In the Mood
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Moments In Time
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Unknown Lands 1
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Unknown Lands 2
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Unknown Lands 3
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Unknown Lands 4
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Unknown Lands 5
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Unknown Lands 6
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Unknown Lands 7
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Unknown Lands 8

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