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13th Birthday Party & Prize Draw | Was held on Monday 28th May 2018

To celebrate thirteen years of hand printing original lithographs we are holding a wee party and prize draw. We are giving you the chance to win some of the many fantastic lithographs, by wonderful artists, that we have had the pleasure of collaborating on and printed over the years. Plus one special prize generously donated by Tamarind Institute.

Thirteen years, thirteen prizes, thirteen pounds per ticket.


  13th Birthday Prize Draw Ticket
Ticket artwork: Paul Hughes, Typsetting: Colin Hagan (Northern Design Ltd)



The draw took place on Monday 28th May 2018 at 6 p.m. BST
- Online ticket sales ended at 5.30 p.m. BST
- We had a live feed on instagram and facebook for the draw.
- You did not need to be in attendance at the draw to win.
- Tickets ordered close to the draw date may not reach you in time but don't worry you will be in the draw.
- Prizes will be made ready for collection or delivery as soon as possible following the draw.





Louise Nevelson, Untitled, 1963
Louise Nevelson
Untitled, 1963
Donated by Tamarind Institute

No. 1-7

Mark Dion
Mark Dion
The Young Ichthyologist
, 2016

No. 71
Lothar Goetz
Lothar Götz
(with book, Lothar Götz: Line Drawings),

No. 38
  Paul Housley - Down at the Poet's Elbow
Paul Housley
Down at the Poet's Elbow, 2017
Unsigned proof of an
unrealised book project.

No. 3
Jack Lavender - NOW
Jack Lavender
NOW, 2015
Workshop Proof

No. 72
Sarah Pike - 2 Figures in 5 colors
Laura Lancaster
08-421, 2008

No. 14

Anne Vibeke Mou - 08-450
Anne Vibeke Mou
08-450, 2008

No. 28

Ben Jeans Houghton - Untitled 6
Ben Jeans Houghton
Untitled 6, 2010

No. 74
Peter McGlynn - The Second Place
Peter McGlynn
The Second Place, 2007

No. 16
  Ginny Reed - Untitled
Ginny Reed
Untitled, 2006

No. 86

Lee Turner - Target
Lee Turner
Target, 2017

No. 1-3

Paul Hughes - Fflachio
Paul Hughes
Fflachio, 2013

No. 1-12
    4 x locks
Set of 4 French(?) Locks

No. 83
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